You're selling yourself short and you have more value to give than you think you do, here's the how and why PLUS lots of podcast announcements! https:...View Details

Brandy Gillmore is a TEDx Speaker & Self-Healing Expert. Brandy and I speak about her going from wheelchair to walking, our thoughts help create o...View Details

Understanding what a workflow is and creating them for yourself are crucial to your success. Here's the why and how plus a whole lot more... https://w...View Details

Eric LeGrand is the founder of Team LeGrand and a former Rutgers football player. Eric and I speak about how the positivity of those around you help y...View Details

The 5 W's on creating your inner circle and your own mastermind! Contemplation #54 is live on your favorite pod...View Details

Nick Koumalatsos is a former Marine Raider, YouTuber, and Philanthropist. Nick and I speak about owning your mistakes, giving everything you have to g...View Details

There's a massive difference between the two. Let's define why and then dive deeper to utilize it to improve our lives. Details

Corinne Milien is a US Air Force Veteran & Co-Founder of The Winning Edge Leadership Academy. Corinne and I speak about taking steps backwards to ...View Details

When things go wrong over and over again, what do you do? Contemplation #52 is live on your favorite podcast ap...View Details

Tommy McConnell is a Navy Diver and found of 15 Fathoms. Tommy and I speak about why and how you should face your pain, mental health, the fear of rej...View Details

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