I've lived my life assuming negative intention. I'd like to help you rewire your brain to assume good intention. Let's chat... https://www.inst...View Details

Dennis Volpe is an Executive Performance & Transition Coach, and served 20 years surface as a Naval Surface Warfare Officer. Dennis and I speak ab...View Details

Life. Happens. You do the best you can. What will the world be like after you leave? https://www.instagram.com/kristoflewis Subscribe on YouTub...View Details

Nick Lavery is an Army Green Beret Warrant Officer who suffered an injury in Afghanistan that led to him losing his leg, where he continues to serve a...View Details

I never thought I'd be a brain surgeon or use land nav outside of the military but let's take 10 to rewire our brains using a compass. https://...View Details

Darryll Stinson is the Founder of Second Chance Athletes and a TedX speaker. Darryll and I speak about the recent surge of mental health issues and ho...View Details

Throughout history, dreams have literally been the inspiration for a cornucopia of inventions and movements. Today (or rather tonight), let's h...View Details

April Shprintz is the Creator of The Generosity Culture and an Air Force Veteran. April and I speak about the empowerment that leadership can deliver ...View Details

My Mental, Physical, Financial growth and well-being were stunted by alcohol and distractions. Are you stunting the growth that you seek? I was...View Details

Nate Wilson is a 2nd time guest on the show, where first he was guest #8! Nate is a personal trainer and the author of "Zero to Hero": The Tale of my ...View Details

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