Sometimes we're not who we really want to be but we need to fight hard to be that person. Contemplation #93 is ...View Details

Jeff Nichols is an exercise physiologist and a Unites States Navy Veteran. Jeff and I speak about being in a constant state of assessment, the two opt...View Details

Are you feeling run down and is that feeling compounding? Me too. We're going to start the journey to fix this right now... Details

Anson Roberts is a former Marine and is now a runnin' and gunnin' hand model against the odds after a life threatening encounter from an IED. Anson an...View Details

I'm pretty obsessive about learning constantly from books, people, podcasts, articles... pretty much anything. Does this sound like you at all? Good f...View Details

Evan Smith is US Army Vet sharing his passion of the outdoors with Veterans, new hunters, and those in chronic pain. Evan and I speak about finding th...View Details

I got a text from a friend. I replied to the text. We recorded a podcast about those texts. Reach out to a friend. Good things come out of taking one ...View Details

Andrew Anderson is the founder of OVR OUT, a brand of hope. The brand of a bright future. The brand that gives people the motivation to keep pushing f...View Details

Do you find yourself often irritated by other people or things? Some people seem to always rub you the wrong way. Let's take a new approach to these p...View Details

Jeff Forrester is an entrepreneur with a serious mission to change the world for the better. Jeff and I speak about being forced into entrepreneurship...View Details

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